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MAPSAT has signed the EPOD (Exclusive Pass On Demand) Agreement with IMAGESAT INTL (ISI) on EROS B optical satellite (15 october 2015).
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MAPSAT has signed a Commercial and Strategic Agreement with BlackBridge Group (owned by PlanetLabs) on RapidEye optical satellites (18 january 2016).
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Immagine del satellite EROS B - 29.08.2016

31 august 2016. MapSAT and its partner Imagesat INTL are working to support the next steps following to the first emergency actions for the earthquake of August 24th in Central Italy, in order to aim primarily at to an estimate of the damages caused not only by the main shock, but also from the many that have occurred in the following days. For such purpose, MapSAT has acquired by the Israeli satellite EROS B, two images of about 50 sq km each (70 cm ground resolution, coloured by Pansharpening technique) on the territory of the municipality of Amatrice (the town most affected by the earthquake) on 28th and 29th of August (click here). The very high-resolution images were immediately made available to ESRI ITALIA - a Strategic Partner, leader in GeoSpatial Solutions - that cooperates directly with important Public Italian Emergency Entities. (Go to the web link)

16 march 2016. MAPSAT is partner of Campania Aerospace District (DAC). The instance has been approved on 16th march 2016, and will be ratified by the next Shareholders' Meeting. For Campania and Italy the DAC represents a fundamental step towards the realisation and management of a network industrial model, able to plan competitive solutions and to introduce them into the market at national and international level. DAC is participated by 140 scientific and industrial subjects, among which 125 SME’s joined into 8 Consortium members. Research funds are focused on projects strategic for Aerospace with an effective fall out on industrial applications. DAC’s transversal initiative tends to enhance the capabilities of the whole regional network and enhance its visibility with the outside Aerospace world.
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